Travel Agents, why do you do what you do? We’re hoping it’s because you love travel more than just about anything else in the world. You love talking about it, sharing stories and photos and tips about places far and wide.

Think about all of those pinch me moments you’ve had as you travel.

Those ‘How cute is this hidden-away cafe in Positano?’ moments. What about those top three tips you always give anyone who’s transiting through Singapore Changi Airport—the rooftop pool, the Slide@T3 and the delicious bakkwa wonderments at the Bee Cheng Hiang store in T1. Yum. Not to mention that New York speakeasy with the tiger-print Gucci wallpaper, or the Top-Shelf Cheeseburger at Peter McManus bar on the NW corner of 19th St. And don’t even get us started on the best place for coffee in Bangalow in the Byron Bay hinterland.

[It’s Sparrow, by the way. Although, the pastries are better at Butcher Baker just up the road a bit. Are either of them a patch on Harvest at Newrybar? We’ll debate that at a later date.]

Travel is all stories.

We humans are explorers and storytellers. And right now as most of us are languishing in some kind of pandemic related isolation, our minds are wandering even if we can’t.

Frankly, we’re not surprised in the slightest that humanity’s earliest known piece of literature—The ancient Epic of Gilgamesh—is a travel story. It’s not exactly what you’d read in an in-flight magazine, but it’s a rollicking travel story nonetheless.

If you’re itching to travel again, just imagine how your clients feel. It may be a while before they’re travelling like they used to, but that’s no reason to go quiet.

If you’re not selling things right now, you should be saying things. Share your stories, think like a publisher and fill their heads and hearts with that I just can’t wait excitement.

Remember that?

So where should you start?

  1. Set up or revive your blog.
  2. Add stories and news regularly.
  3. Share those stories on your favourite social media platforms and e-newsletters.

You’re still producing a newsletter, right?

No? OK, we need to talk. No, seriously, we need to talk.

Right now is a priceless opportunity to start producing great content, tell your stories, share your passion for travel, entertain and inspire.

Resource helps all kinds of travel businesses, from the very-very small to some pretty big-hitters. We help some of them tell their own stories, and others simply to find them.

We’d love to help you tell yours.

We’re travel people, too. And we’re always up for a chat.

Questions, anyone?

Drop us a note in the fields here and we’ll get back to you pronto.