Our starting point when working with clients who are looking to kick off their content marketing efforts is to encourage them to think like a publisher.

Think like a publisher.

Think like a publisher.

Let that wash over you for a minute.

A common response is, “But we don’t know what to say, or where to say it. We’re not publishers, we’re [insert profession here]. And what we do is actually pretty boring.”

We get it. But we don’t care what your business does, and we think you’re wrong about being boring.

Once upon a time, you literally had to own a newspaper to be a publisher. But in an age of websites, e-newsletters and social media there really is nothing stopping you other than not knowing where to start.

Fun fact: That’s where we come in.

While you’re busy being awesome at what you do best, we’ll sniff out the stories going on in and around your business, and bring it together as a cohesive content strategy designed to raise your profile, tell your story and deepen relationships with your clients, prospects, stakeholders, suppliers and media in your industry.

Why is this important?

We humans are hardwired for stories. We are storytelling animals. We remember and learn best through stories we tell each other. At the most basic level, they lead to deeper understanding, trust and connections.

It’s no different in business.

So, which businesses do ‘content’ really well?

We think airlines do.

Yes-yes, they’re massive businesses with huge budgets (well, they used to be before you-know-what) and teams of people producing rivers of fabulous content. But, next time you fly—whenever that might be—grab the in-flight magazine from your seat-pocket and take a good look at its content-mix.

Typically, an in-flight mag will have:

  • An update from the boss.
  • News from the airline—New aircraft, new routes, new seats and services, awards etc.
  • A profile of a brilliant staff member.
  • A profile of a traveller (client).
  • Travel writing: Showcasing great places (on the airline’s network) to visit, to dine, to stay.
  • Route maps and fleet information.
  • Traveller contributions (Best holiday pics, for example).
  • Future plans: What’s coming down the pipeline.


When the in-flight mag gets the balance right, it lets the airline talk a bit about itself, its people, its expertise, its clients, customers, partners, and its value proposition in an engaging way.

We believe that the content-mix of an in-flight mag is something you can replicate through whatever content cycle you can manage—monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, for example.

Are you telling the stories floating in and around your business?

Those stories can help you shape your brand and connect with your clients, prospects, staff, stakeholders, media and your industry more broadly.

If you’re not producing a sustainable stream of content, you run the risk of disappearing into the digital background as your competitors pump out relevant, unique, engaging and—importantly—shareable stories about what they’re great at.

We help all kinds of businesses tell their stories.

Are you itching to tell yours?

Isn’t it time you thought like a publisher?

Questions, anyone?

Drop us a note in the fields here and we’ll get back to you pronto.