With all these newfangled devices and their InstaWhatsits, SnapApps, FaceChats and WhatBooks, has email taken a bit of a backseat in your marketing efforts?

After all, maintaining a database is hard, and that following you’ve built on Facebook is yours, isn’t it?

Actually, no. It’s Facebook’s. You sort of rent it from them with all that juicy data you send their way. Oh, and increasingly with the real money you put behind sponsored posts and the like.

What’s more, that pesky, ever-changing Facebook algorithm decides which of your Followers see your content, making it a challenge to connect organically with your fans and customers.

Frankly, we believe that ’email’ is about the only digital realm where people—not algorithms—are in control of what’s going on.

We often chat with small business owners who, at some point in the we-have-to-be-on-[insert new social platform here] rush of the last decade, just dropped their email marketing efforts cold. “It’s so easy to post on Facebook!”, they say.

We are in no way suggesting that Facebook and its social cohort are a waste of time, they absolutely should be part of your marketing mix. We just question whether they’re delivering the impact you think they are, particularly if you’re a small business trying to manage your communications on your own.

It might sound daggy, but building a marketing strategy around a regular e-newsletter is a great way to establish some discipline and get you thinking about the content nuggets you’ll need to feed it.

Create those nuggets the right way and you’ll have great stuff to pop onto your socials along the way. Oh, those socials are a great way to increase the reach of your fabulous e-newsletters and grow your database, too.

A sustainable, disciplined email marketing strategy and a well-maintained database is a brilliant foundation for your marketing efforts. And best of all, there’s nothing Facebook’s algorithm can do to meddle with it.

We’d love to re-introduce you to great email.

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