‘Flexibility’ is our middle name

Working with us

Work with us

As we tailor each project to your specific business needs, there’s almost no end to the ways you can work with us.

From small design jobs to embedding staff into your team, we have it all covered.

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By the hour

We understand that sometimes you need a short term or low budget task completed, and you really don’t want to engage expensive consultants for minimum rates or high hourly fees.

You can engage Resource by the hour, at a pre agreed hourly rate, to complete any business task you need

By the project

Sometimes in business you have specific projects that need completing and may not have the available time or resources on hand to get them done. Perhaps you need your annual sales plan completed, need a customer service charter written, or a business case for a new piece of business, and for whatever reason, don’t have the skills on hand to complete it.

At Resource, we can supply that extra pair of expert hands and work with you to ensure your project needs are met.

By retainer

As your business scales and changes, so do its resource needs. Take, for example, a growing business that needs HR services but is not big enough to support a full-time HR hire. Or perhaps, your business’ social media management needs are growing by just half a day a fortnight.

At Resource, we have skilled contractors ready to work on retainer for long or short term projects in a way that suits your business and budget.

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