This year while it was business as unusual, I took on some contract recruitment work with a company seeking Rapid Antigen Testing Supervisors to run COVID testing hubs alongside registered nurses. In all my years in recruitment, I never thought I’d be on the hunt for Rapid Antigen Testing Supervisors. But, hey, these are – ahem – unprecedented times.

I had 40 positions to fill all over the country. So I got cracking on the job descriptions, prepared the advertising, and waited for the applications to roll in. And in they rolled.

Awesome, I thought. Actually, it was mostly awesome. Most of the candidates were brilliant and, of the 40 fab people I placed in those positions, I’m thrilled that 35 of them were from the travel industry I love so much. It was especially satisfying placing airline crew who had been in a distressing holding pattern for way too long. To feel their joy and revitalised sense of purpose was super rewarding as they await their great travel restart.

Having said that, I was also inundated by, well, more than a few oddballs. Honestly, interviewing them by video conference was like watching ‘reality’ TV. After many calls, I’d ask myself, “Did that just really happen?”

One lady I interviewed had clearly just emerged from the shower. There she was, sitting there wrapped in her towel with hair dripping wet. I wrapped that interview up quickly.

Did that just really happen?

One fellow had no teeth, and called me Sweetheart right through the interview. He took great pride in introducing me to the cat and dog scrambling around in the background amongst piles of cat litter and poop. Another quick call.

Did that just really happen?

I interviewed folk at their local park, trying to respond to my questions as their kids played around and on them. I video-chatted with a lady who was actually in bed, midway through doing a beauty treatment mask; a guy who was driving whilst FaceTiming me; people interviewing while out grocery shopping with face-masks on. You name it, I saw it.

Look, I get it that things have changed in these Covidy-times, and that people have become more relaxed with the whole work-from-home routine, but recruiters haven’t. Seriously, have we forgotten the basics of employability?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of video conferences and meetings gone NSFW wrong. Cameras and microphones left on, and very regrettable decisions being made. The sooner we all get back to our offices the better, surely.

Just remember to wear pants. Remember pants?

And if you’re looking for a new role, a new recruit, or just a refresher of Employability Basics 1.01, hit me up.

Great people deserve great opportunities.

I’m ready to play my part.

How about you?

Questions, anyone?

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