That’s a phrase I normally can’t stand when it comes from the backseat on a long drive. But right now I find myself asking it. A lot.

These last 18-months have been a shit-show. A rollercoaster of surely we’re through the worst of it followed by here we go again. A seemingly endless loop-the-loop of frustration, fury and fanciful thinking. Here comes the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh no, wait, it’s the Lockdown Express roaring towards us again, its headlight of inevitability searing and scarring my emotional state.

It didn’t take too many months of denial and dashed hope in 2020 for me to realise that my business wouldn’t support me in an endless holding pattern. Most of my clients had understandably hit the pause button or wound things back substantially. The healthy river of work had slowed to a tiny trickle that simply couldn’t sustain the business. It wasn’t a holding pattern–Covid had simply taken hold of it, and it wasn’t letting go. Getting back to normal seemed like a pipe dream.

2021 kicked off with a glint of hope, but all it produced was a house full of frustrated adult children, an always-around husband, a new puppy and an appallingly home-schooled 7-year-old. Oh, that poor kid…I really did try my best.

Then I broke my arm. On the plus side, it broke the monotony of Covid. At least it was something vaguely interesting. Painful, but interesting.

The break was so bad it required surgery. Pre-Covid, the prospect of surgery would have infuriated me. But, hey, I had nothing better to do. Plus it would give me a break from the shame of my home-schooling efforts.

The surgery was actually a blessing. Rather than schlepping around in a cast waiting for the damn thing to heal, the metal plate in my arm has made it stronger than ever. And, in turn, it lifted my spirits.

I took on some contract work which was a real buzz. I reconnected with Resource’s stable of awesome contractors to see where they were at. Some had moved on to other things, but others had weathered the Covid storm and were itching to saddle up again as soon as the stream of work started flowing again.

Just this week, the travel industry seems to have burst back to life. Resource’s travel and tourism clients are emerging from the long thaw of Covid. They’re employing people, restarting their marketing engines, and their clients are dusting off their passports, and making plans. Their phones are ringing once again, and so are mine.

If yours are ringing too, and you need an extra pair of clever hands in just about any part of your business, Resource can help.

Are we there yet? I think we might just be.

My 7-year-old certainly hopes so.

Questions, anyone?

Drop us a note in the fields here and we’ll get back to you pronto.