So, we’re a little chuffed about our successful application for Associate Membership of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) of New South Wales.

“Wait…what?”, we hear you say.

Well, sure, at first glance it might seem like an unlikely move, but it really isn’t for us. We’ve known civil and construction for years so, it was a pretty natural progression for resource. It certainly doesn’t mean we’ll be out reshaping the earth with enormous dozers and dump trucks or concerning ourselves with the challenges of bulk excavations, batter slopes or uncontrolled fill.

We’ll leave all of that to the experts,

A few of those experts have been clients of ours for years now. It’s a fascinating industry, and civil contractors like Sage Civil Australia and Cherrie Civil Engineering play a fundamentally important role in enormous infrastructure projects that shape our cities and way of life.

Because their work—demolition, excavation, earthworks, the design and construction of huge scale shoring systems, for example— is ultimately concealed by the completed building projects that sit over the top of them, it can be a bit of a mystery to construction industry outsiders. But it’s important work on which the success of every major project depends. Plus, they get to ‘play’ with giant bits of machinery that dig and grade and pile and make the impossible possible.

Cool industry, right?

We’re blown away by the job they do when they’re just doing their job.

What we help them do, typically, is find and tell their stories, build their brands, and win business and awards.

We love, for example, Asha Russell’s passion and advocacy for attracting more women to the civil industry, not just as engineers and estimators, but as operators of heavy machinery.

Asha’s brightly coloured Sage Civil dozers and dump trucks are dedicated to, and operated by, the women and men in her team. Her advocacy for female operators is, in turn, supported by like-minded clients he recognise her passion. She’s a mentor, a leader, an award-winner, and she’s right in the middle of a movement that’s driving real change in the civil industry.

Asha has a great story to tell. But like you, perhaps, she’s so busy in her business that she struggles to find the time to tell and broadcast it herself. That’s where we come in.

We’ve also managed a number of Sage Civil’s successful awards submissions. Awards programs are a great way to showcase your completed projects, your expertise and the extraordinary things you do. But submissions can be bigger than Ben Hur. Again, that’s where we come in.

The Cherrie Civil team recently completed an especially challenging project—the North Shore Health Hub in Artarmon, Sydney. The civil works here required genuine innovation and problem solving, and we were delighted to project manage their submission for the 2020 Civil contractors Federation Earth Awards. The results aren’t in yet, but the champagne is on ice.

We’re really excited about our developing relationship with the CCF, and we look forward to helping the Federation’s members build better businesses and tell better stories while they’re out building a better world for the rest of us.

Questions, anyone?

Drop us a note in the fields here and we’ll get back to you pronto.