TRAVEL BLOG SQUAD: Upskill in a Downturn!


Six sessions over two weeks – $425 + GST

A fun, affordable, interactive short course designed to up-skill and rejuvenate the content marketing efforts and digital communications of your travel business through blogging.

Learn to think like a publisher, and bring your travel stories and expertise to life in small group classes hosted by Ben Alcock—Editor of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents’ ATAS blog and co-host of Better Homes & Gardens ‘Tastebud Traveller’ podcast.

Grab a colleague or team-mate and let’s do this!

Do you or your travel business have a blog?

Is it active? Does it need some TLC or a re-boot?
Unsure about how your website or blog should connect to your social and email marketing efforts?
Not sure what to write about?
Is there any point at the moment?

You bet there is. In fact, it’s precisely what you should be doing.

As a travel professional, you’re an escape artist.
You fill people’s minds with visions of exotic places and unforgettable experiences.
Frankly, they need you now more than ever.
And when the time comes, you’re going to need them, too.

Your blog should be a hub of dreamy destinations, recollections, ideas and expertise.

TINY CLASSES – You and just one other, max!

To maximise your participation and investment, classes are limited to just 2 people at a time.
Over the course of a fortnight, you’ll meet four-times as a group in an interactive Zoom classroom with Ben, and also receive two one-on-one sessions for tailored tutoring, as well as ongoing support as you find your wings.

On completion, you’ll have…

  • A deeper understanding of the value of maintaining an active blog.
  • An engaging framework of content ideas.
  • Scaffolds to help you develop and structure your writing and ideas.
  • Confidence in your content production, story-telling and sharing skills.
  • An understanding of content, social and email marketing best-practices.

The Blog Squad runs subject to demand & availability. And we’re super flexible to make it fit your schedule and timetable.


The two-week tuition investment is $425 + GST per person.

If you’re ready to invest in your skill-set (or up-skill someone in your team), secure your spot now.

EMAIL Ben at to book or for more details.


Questions, anyone?

Drop us a note in the fields here and we’ll get back to you pronto.