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Our services

No two businesses are exactly the same. Therefore, we prefer to put together customised proposals with your specific needs in mind. Below is a list of general services we offer.



Sales Training –
We are ‘travel’ people, and we know what it takes to develop leads, close the sale and drive profit.

Corporate Travel Account Management –
RFP tenders and presentations are time consuming, and account management support takes real experience. Let our talented team support your corporate efforts.

Event Planning –
We take care of your events for your customers or for your staff conferences.

Administrative Support –
Let us look after the admin so you can focus on the big picture.



Marketing Strategy + Planning –
Reach you goals faster by having a strategy and a plan in place.eNewsletters – We are great believers in the effectiveness of email marketing done right. Your database is a gold mine of conversions!

Social Media –
Is your social media getting the results you want? Is it being managed by the right person? Make the most of your social.

Content –
Do you have a content strategy? In a competitive industry, your fresh and unique content is what will set you a part from the rest. Not to mention its importance for SEO!

Digital Marketing –
Your audience is online so you need to be as well. Online advertising, SEO, social media advertising and Google AdWords are crucial to being found by the right audience.

Design + Branding –
Our creatives have taken travel businesses through collateral re-design and production, as well as complete renewal of visual identity and brand.

Website + Coding –
Your business not only needs a website, it needs a site that provides your audience with a great, easy to navigate experience. It can mean the difference between you getting the business or your competitors, or do you simply need items fixing or refreshing.



Executive Recruitment –
Hiring well is a key to business success. We have an enviable little black book of some of the industry’s finest folk.

HR Management –
Managing your staff and workplace can put a real strain on your time and your bottom line.

HR Support + Advice –
Do you need advice on a particular HR issue or just a bit of help getting the documentation sorted?



Media Releases –
PR is as important to your business as social. We can help maximise your exposure.

Media Liaison –
Don’t have time to handle media enquiries and requests? Outsource it! We work with the media and know what they need.

Editorial/Advertorial Content –
Create impact with your editorial/advertorial opportunities.



ATAS Accreditation –
We understand that your ATAS credentials are important. We can help you through the accreditation process.

Award Submissions –
Successful awards submissions can be really time consuming. Take a step towards winning a little something for your trophy cabinet or pool room.

Corporate Tender Submissions –
Tendering for new Corporate business ? We have the skills to assist you through the process from concept to completion on winning new business

We are here to help, no matter what the need.